Chapter 1. Sustainable sanitation
- a review

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Module 1.1.
Sanitary conditions in the world
How do we perceive sanitary conditions?
What functions must a sustainable system fulfil?
To become familiar with various sanitary conditions in the world, functions of sanitation, and to foster a critical understanding of statistics and other data. ppt - 2.4 MB
pdf - 2.5 MB
Module 1.2.
Where are the resources?
What might be the problem to access them?
To familiarise with a coordinated view on resources, and to understand the context and role of sanitation. ppt - 0.9 MB
pdf - 1.1 MB
Module 1.3.
Resource flows
From where do resources come and where do they end up? How resource flows are created and manipulated. Methods to analyse flows. ppt - 2.1 MB
pdf - 2.5 MB
Module 1.4.
Demographic change
Is urbanisation a solution or a problem for improving sanitation? To gain insights about the role of demography in sanitation, planning and implementation. ppt - 0.7 MB
pdf - 1.6 MB
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