Chapter 2. Sanitation management today and in future

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Module 2.1.
Sanitation arrangements
Is there one system that suits most conditions or must we choose and combine? Matching management with technology and local conditions. ppt -
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Module 2.2.
Major changes over time
How does consumption and habitation patterns impact reuse?
What footprints are left?
Gradual long-term changes in sanitation arrangements and tracing origins of change. ppt -
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Module 2.3.
From policy to action
Who should decide what is permitted?
Do polluters really pay?
Regulations and how to interpret and translate them to local action and change. ppt -
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Module 2.4.
User perspectives
What are residents appreciating? Why? Be sensitized to variations in attitudes and norms. ppt -
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Module 2.5.
A way forward
How to obtain all the information we need? Selecting a sustainable arrangement is more than just choosing between technical solutions. ppt -
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Module 2.6.
Plans and design
- points to consider.
Planning and design - does it make any difference if they are good or bad? To appreciate the possibilities offered by nature to facilitate easy use and operation of household sanitation arrangements. ppt -
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Module 2.7.
Construction and monitoring
What bottlenecks are there for councils and residents?
Are there ways to go about it?
The paramount role of good construction for smooth operation. How to raise ambitions without stretching council capacity. ppt -
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